Felt Plants 10 - 15cm approx

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These standing felt plants are one of a kind! Use to brighten up any space without the worry of watering them. These make great gifts especially for gardeners or  people that are notorious for killing plants!

Also make great housewarming gifts!

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The plants each vary in size all sizes are approx:

 1. Ostrich Fern (Pale Green leaves with Charcoal and Brown Pot) - 10cm x 7cm

 2. Ficus Elastica Plant (Purple tinted leaves in Grey Pot) - 12.5cm x 7cm

 3. Blossoming Hedgehog Cactus (Green Cactus with Pink Flowers in Green Pot) - 15cm x 8cm

 4.  Mini Monstera Plant (Dark Green Leaves in Burnt Orange Pot) - 14cm x 8cm

 5. Sanseveria Plant (Green Leaves with Cream Pot) - 11.5cm x 7cm

 6. Sedum Succulent (Green Succulent in Green Pot) - 13cm x 7cm


Made from wool this is an eco friendly and re-useable decoration


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