Black Halloween Coffin Food Tray - 5 Pack - Trick Or Treat


Creep some ghoulish treats you have managed to grab into these coffin-shaped food trays and munch away! Our Black Coffin Food Trays are ideal for spooking up any Halloween buffet table. They could also be used for trick or treating to collect your sweets in!

Complete with a spine-chilling white bat design contrasting against the black paper food tray, this product really gives you that ominous, shudder-some feel to your Halloween party extravaganza!

Each pack contains 5 food trays, measuring 18cm in length and 10cm in width.



There are two types of packaging to choose from:

'Perfect Packaging' - the actual box the dishes come in are 'perfect' (dishes inside is also 'perfect')- great for a gift!

'Imperfect Box' - the actual box the dishes comes in is slightly imperfect (a tiny dent, scratch, or tear on the packaging etc) this is slightly cheaper, the dishes inside are 'perfect' - it's a cheaper option if you aren't bothered about the box the dishes comes in!


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